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Probate law is highly complex to ensure that beneficiaries’ assets and rights are fully protected and to ensure that beneficiaries receive the advocacy they deserve. Why, then, is probate litigation so common?

Numerous issues can interfere with beneficiaries’ rights to receive funds through the probate and trust law processes. For instance:

  • Wills and other estate planning documents are not always clear. Who is to receive what funds and at what time? Who exactly are the beneficiaries? And, if there are two or more wills, which one is valid?
  • Trustees do not always competently or conscientiously manage the probate process. A trustee’s failure can involve a breach of fiduciary duty and can result in numerous failures and problems, including the failure to distribute, failure to account, failure to report, and failure to name beneficiaries.
  • When one beneficiary has undue influence over the trust or had undue influence over the deceased, disputes can arise.

At the law firm of Gates, Gonter, Guy, Proudfoot & Muench LLP, we have handled probate litigation for a broad range of parties, including beneficiaries, banks and trustees. Are you a beneficiary of an inheritance or trust and believe that the distribution of your assets has been mishandled?

We are experienced Orange County probate lawyers who have litigated hundreds of legal disputes in court. Our trial experience and commitment to clients’ rights ensures you will receive the aggressive and effective legal help you need. For more information, please contact our firm.

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