Product Liability

Southern California Defective Products Lawyers

Personal injury cases are infamously complex. That complexity often increases in cases involving product liability and dangerous products. Complexity results from the presence of multiple potential parties (the injured party, the manufacturer, the distributor, the retailer and the repairer) and the potential presence of multiple legal issues, including:

  • The improper labeling and packaging of products
  • Products that are defective, dangerous or unsafe
  • The failure to warn consumers/users about known hazards
  • The failure to anticipate consumers’/users’ instructional needs
  • Dangers occurring once products are discarded. For instance, did children find the product once it was discarded? Did the product become a source of environmental pollution once it was discarded?

If you need legal help regarding injuries resulting from a dangerous product, contact the law firm of Gates, Gonter, Guy, Proudfoot & Muench LLP. Our four partners have handled hundreds of civil trials, including trials involving dangerous and allegedly dangerous:

  • Autos, mobile homes and recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • Boats
  • Tools, including nail guns and chainsaws
  • Elevators

Our products liability team is headed by attorneys K. Robert Gonter, Jr. and Douglas D. Guy, who are experienced in representing all parties in dangerous product liability cases. Their experience allows us to efficiently and cost-effectively resolve product liability lawsuits because they know how the law treats each participant in the chain of control over the product on its way to consumers. For more information regarding the Orange County product liability attorneys of Gates, Gonter, Guy, Proudfoot & Muench LLP, please contact our firm.

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